Townsend Language Services

My goal is to provide the types of services and expertise my clients need to make achieving their goals easier. Let's talk about your needs and project goals, and how I can start helping you today.

French to English Translation

As a French-to-English translator I consider myself the English author, meaning I share the source author's same level of passion for the manuscript, and every word choice is important in conveying the original author's meaning and tone. I deliver accurate and on-time translation of all content cover to cover, including front and back matter and indices. I am passionate about the perfection of the text, so I make myself available during the entire life cycle of the project—beyond translation.

When hired as your translator, my rate includes the following:

  • Expert and experienced translation

  • An in-depth quality management process

  • Fully tested ingredient conversions (customized to your in-house style guide)

  • Substitution suggestions for uncommon ingredients

  • Notation of important translation decisions within the margins of the text (this saves query and research time)

  • An organized style sheet created for the copyeditor and proofreader

  • Unlimited review of edited passes (as requested)

  • Social media promotion per in-house PR plans

Ingredient Conversions

For cookbooks, I offer US standard and metric  measurement conversions of ingredients, formatted per house style. As a unique service for my clients, I have amassed a very detailed ingredient conversion database of metric and imperial equivalents, making my work for them more efficient and precise. This database also gives me the flexibility to quickly adjust to the level of detail an editor desires.


When copyediting, I focus on the four primary concerns of a copyeditor—clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness—without imposing my own stylistic preferences on the author. A good copyeditor always keeps his author in mind, not his own sense of style, while he assists with perfecting the manuscript.

With a very keen eye for detail and extensive experience in writing and editing, I provide proofreading of manuscripts focusing on grammar, diction, mechanics, punctuation, and adherence to in-house style guides. I am known for my ability to catch inconsistencies across large amounts of text. I am very familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style. My love of the distinction between dashes and hyphens makes me special, too!


Whether it's a traditional home-style dish or a sophisticated presentation with rare ingredients by a Michelin three-star chef, I have experience with all levels of cooking and recipe writing. I have worked in the kitchen with well-known pastry chefs and chocolatiers, taught enthusiast- and expert-level chocolate courses, staged at La Petite Rose in Paris, taken formal cooking classes at The French Pastry School in Chicago and the Cordon Bleu, and have contributed my experience to an IACP Cookbook of the Year. I understand a well-written recipe and the perspective of its intended audience.

Recipe Testing