Chefs helping chefs

I had a great day working in the kitchen with my very talented chef friend Connie Mullins of "Chef Connie Bakes" down in Glen Rose, Texas, at her popup Christmas bakery. I walked in to a room filled with all her incredible from-scratch treats, wrapped up in their pretty packages, surrounded by the lingering aroma of gingerbread and chocolate cake baking in the oven. I was there to help her prep for the next day, and I was looking forward to the well-earned time away from my desk.

Getting my hands dirty in the kitchen is an essential component of my work as a language provider specializing in culinary, and this variety is one of the reasons I love my work so much. You simply cannot be a good culinary language provider unless you're also spending considerable time in the kitchen, even if performing only the most menial task (such as spending five hours zesting lemons and oranges, as I did that day). Every tool and ingredient I touch and use enhances my understanding of the message that culinary authors are trying to convey to their readers and how their readers interpret that message.

If you haven't tried Chef Connie's Texas Gold Chocolate Nut Brittle, Peanut Brittle, German Chocolate Cake, or other delectable goodies (including gluten-free items), I encourage you to do so! You'll be hooked, and she has it all beautifully packaged and ready to go. She's baking every day, so give her a call in her kitchen! Connie Mullins, 940-391-2060.