A SIMPLE Café Liégeois, by Jean-François Mallet

As a freelance French to English translator and language service provider, I fall in love with every book, article, or magazine in which I'm involved. Why else would I have accepted the project for my client, right? And I am energized when I get to promote what I love! What's more, with a specialization in food, I can do something else I love: SHARE. After all, food culture is centered around the act of serving others and sharing with others.

In this post I get to both share (a favorite recipe) and promote (a favorite client's book) -- it's the best of both worlds!

This recipe is adapted from the million-copy Simple series by French chef Jean-François Mallet, in particular his book Simple Desserts. Check out more details about this book and others in his series by visiting Black Dog & Leventhal here. You'll love every one (especially if you find you have very little time to cook or just don't feel very talented in the kitchen).

One of my favorite desserts I enjoy when I'm in Paris is the Café Liégeois from Le Flore en L'île. It's creamy and chocolaty with a bold flavor of sweet coffee (one of my favorites!). So I was very excited when, while translating Jean-François's book, I came to his recipe for his SUPER EASY FIVE-MINUTE version! Not only is it a quick and easy dessert that anyone can make (even kids), it avoids using the oven during hot summer temps. The recipe below is adapted to my particular tastes from his recipe in the book, so please check out his own version in his book, along with a ton of other delicious and easiest-ever dessert recipes.

2 cups (500 mL) whipping cream, chilled
2 oz (56 g) mascarpone cheese
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for dusting
2 tbsp confectioners’ sugar
4 chocolate or coffee macarons (or other favorite cream-filled cookie)
4 scoops coffee ice cream

Five minutes before serving, slowly beat together the cream and mascarpone with an electric mixer until combined, then briefly beat on high just until light and creamy. Add the cocoa and confectioners' sugar, and beat for 1o more seconds, or until fully incorporated; do not overbeat.

Place a scoop of ice cream at the bottom of four to six clear glasses. Quarter the macarons, and divide them and the whipped cream among the glasses. Top each with an additional scoop of ice cream and a dusting of cocoa. For an even more intense coffee flavor, pour a shot of coffee syrup or freshly brewed espresso over the top.

Note: don't be afraid to mix it up with the flavors of this dessert. How about pistachio macarons and pistachio ice cream? Let me know what you try!