Should You Be Drinking Broth for Breakfast Instead Of Coffee?

Check out this great video on the possible virtues of drinking bone broth. I personally love it. One of my favorite “dishes” at a local restaurant in Dallas (now closed, unfortunately) was their restaurant, or “bone broth,” which was a warm broth made from three different types of meats (pork, beef, and veal). It was listed on their menu under appetizers. Now, I can’t imagine most people seeing a warm cup of broth as an appetizer, but it was one of the items on the menu that kept me going back. I loved the warm, comfortable feeling it provided, and it was a great low-calorie start to my meal.

And did you know that a cup of broth was the original restaurant (“that which restores”), and is where our word “restaurant,” as a place where you can dine as an individual, originates?

Watch the video!